Blueberry Hybrids


Mixed Berry (Cropi Canna Seeds)

Cropi Canna Seeds Mixed Berry is a ground breaking strain with undertones of grape, banana and apples, lifted with overtones of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry; a gourmet’s delight! Cropi Canna Seeds Mixed Berry produces possibly the most sweet … [Read More...]

Indoor Growing Guide

the famous diy co2 maker has undergone zero testing until now. This area of growing is very important and should be analyzed further for the benefit of the DIY growroom hobbyist.

The ups and downs of the “DIY C02 maker” enthusiast

Cannabis Growers from all over the world have entered into experimentation with the "DIY C02 maker" concept at one time or another in their illustrious hobby. Their tedious days usually consisted of going into their grow area at least 20 times a day to shake their C02 makers. Growers are by now sick … [Read More...]

Medical MJ News

D.C. Marijuana Rules Not Coming Until Next Year

Washington, DC -- D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty plans to leave the nitty-gritty of medical marijuana rules up to three city agencies, according to draft regulations obtained by The Washington Examiner -- but not until next year. The mayor's office is expected to make the draft order public this week. Medical marijuana became legal in the District after Congress chose not to override the D.C. Council's … [Read More...]

Dark Rooms



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