Blueberry Hybrids


La Diva (Delicious Seeds)

La Diva cannabis is a new strain from Delicious Seeds. It is a unique cross between a Blueberry and a Diavolo with distinct auto-flowering characteristics. This strain has a surprising new aroma and a new colour that can bring a variety into your cannabis … [Read More...]

Indoor Growing Guide


Cloning Explained

Plant Cloning Explained Cloning has been around for eons. Cloning lets the grower replicate a genetically identical plant from its parent. The clone will have the same characteristics as the parent plant, disease resistance, the same growth habit, fruit shape, flower color and yield potential. Tools: The … [Read More...]

Medical MJ News

Christie: Rutgers Leadership on Pot ‘Disjointed’

Trenton - Gov. Chris Christie said today he was surprised that Rutgers University turned down an opportunity to be the lone grower of the state's medical marijuana crop because it was the school's idea. "They absolutely came to us. I wouldn't have even thought about it," Christie said, adding that he was disappointed when he heard university leaders say the plan was unworkable. "Their … [Read More...]

Dark Rooms



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