Blueberry Hybrids

sagarmatha bubbleberry


Sagarmatha Seeds Bubbleberry has been one of Sagarmatha`s most satisfying varieties to date, creating a legend for herself in the grow rooms and neighbourhoods of cannabis connoisseurs. Originally conceived in 1996, Bubbleberry has made a perfect hybrid, … [Read More...]

Indoor Growing Guide


Germination Determination

During germination, the marijuana seed awakens from its inactivity. Water is essential here, for as soon as the seed has absorbed a sufficient amount of water, the seedling begins to form its root system. Next it breaks through its shell. There are various possibilities for the process of germinating … [Read More...]

Medical MJ News

Business Groups(!) Campaign Against MJ Legalization

California -- The California Chamber of Commerce and other groups representing employers are starting to line up to oppose the initiative to legalize marijuana, charging that Proposition 19 would allow pot smokers to light up on the job and operate dangerous equipment while stoned. Stepping up the campaign on Thursday, the chamber released a five-page analysis that starts: "Imagine a workplace where … [Read More...]

Dark Rooms



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